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The Parisian woman

A Parisian woman watches on

I’ve been back from France now for almost three months and finally I can say that I am making progress on my book! Yay! I have finished the actual travelogue part of my journals, and I’m working on approximately 30 supplementary sketches to fill out the second Moleskine. Today I start on the tedious task of high res scanning my journals so that I have print-ready images to share 🙂

I cannot tell you how excited I am that I am working on this project! 🙂

I love Wonder Woman. There, I said it. I also love M&Ms, but my body doesn’t like the sugar…it’s evil. So I only indulge occasionally. And I always separate them into colours….and eat them in a set order… Crazy? Maybe 🙂
25-2011 // Wonder Woman fighting evil

I was doodling while I was on the phone and came up with this. It’s definitely the most interesting thing in my calendar 🙂

23-2011 // work doodle

Sitting in the car waiting while Shel had his drum lesson…I tried to journal, but the words didn’t want to come…but I found I could draw. So I grabbed a croquis and drew what I was planning to wear today. I wish I was shaped like the model 😉

24-2011 // planning what to wear

16-2010 // Nigerian woman worshipping with baby

I sat behind a gorgeous Nigerian family in church this morning. As pastor preached about the power of Christ’s resurrection, and as my pencil moved, I praised God for the power of the resurrection to bring unity in diversity. In the end every tribe and tongue and nation will come together to worship Jesus as we did this morning. I look forward to that day.

12-2010 // beautiful curves