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This week has been a very playful one in my sketchbook. Perhaps because I have had a busy week at work, I’m not sure, but the sketchbook has been filled with fun things 🙂 I am not complaining! Anything that brightens my day is a good thing!

20170201 - hilarious

It was a big week for drawing critters … click on the collage to see the the full scans of these guys in my sketchbook album.

At the start of the year I bought myself a bottle of black de Atramentis ink after reading a review on Liz Steele’s blog (this post). I had been jumping between the Noodler’s Black ink in my Lamy Safari fountain pen (the pink one below) and the disposable Uniball Eye for the under drawings with watercolour in my sketchbooks. Both are waterproof once dry, but they both take an awfully long time to dry and more often than not I would smudge a line when I rested my hand in a little puddle of ink, or smear something when I added watercolour before it was completely dry. Also, the Noodler’s black wasn’t as dense as I would like, but the Uniball was nice and dark. The de Atramentis ink has been a wonderful change. It dries very quickly and gives a wonderfully lush, dense black line. It flows well and feels great in the pen. I think I am pretty well sold! I cannot wait to add some of the other colours to my inky stable! I’ll still need to use the Uniball for cold press paper, since the fountain pen nib doesn’t cope as well with the texture, but the de Atramentis inks will be my go-to for daily drawing fun!

February is looking like a continuation of the fun. I plan to keep going with the Sketchbook Skool daily drawing challenge, but I have also signed up for another class to keep developing my skills and perhaps learn some new techniques. So keen!

I finally made the time to sketch during my lunchbreak again! So rusty! I had forgotten how therapeutic drawing can be when I’m feeling like my grip on sanity is slipping…particularly inking those windows, that was almost hypnotic. I forgot to grab a ruler when I was gathering my kit for the day and so I discovered in a round about way that I cannot eyeball vanishing points for perspective drawing. I’ll need to work on that some more I think.

20141106 - Scarborough House

This building is one of a group of buildings in this town centre that are named after the ships of the First Fleet… the red name plate can be seen from all over the centre. I started out the week by drawing my lunch… not exciting, but it was pen to paper, which is more than I can say for the last month or so!

20141105 - drawing the mundane



My work colleagues spoiled me rotten this Christmas and gave me some gorgeous art supplies. The journal is hand stamped leather with handmade paper inside…and it smells absolutely DIVINE!

I was nervous about doing regular sketches in such a special book, I didn’t want to fill it with nonsense that I couldn’t share with other people…so I came to the decision that I would fill the pages with quotes and notes that I found inspirational or meaningful in various ways.


The paper is delicate and is taking some getting used to…it doesn’t like erasers or sharp pencils. I need to take it easy with water colours too. I’ll no doubt end up with some disasters…but I hope I end up with a book full of food for thought by the end of the new year. If I counted correctly I’ll have 50 or so spreads to fill.


Space Station Office

November 28, 2012 — Leave a comment

47-2012 // space station office

I really struggle with perspective when I’m drawing buildings, especially if I’m making a quick sketch on location like this one. More practice hours are required to hone my urban sketching skills!

It was too wet and miserable to get of the office during my lunch hour so I sat by the window and drew what I saw. The building itself is fascinating…lots of interesting bits and pieces to draw, but not a lot of fun to actually work in. The air-conditioning breaks down with monotonous regularity and the grey of the exposed concrete tends to have a depressing quality to it after awhile.

This is the first actual painting I’ve done with my new paints and using only a water brush, which I find gives a far looser feel than working with regular paintbrushes.

Mt Taylor flowers

November 12, 2012 — Leave a comment

Mt Taylor flowers

Flowers along the side of the path make for unexpected little pockets of beauty to be appreciated and celebrated.

A little plein air action

September 26, 2012 — Leave a comment

I had a rare hour or so to sit in the sun and noodle around in my journal over the weekend while my youngest son practiced his dirt jumping skills. It was wonderful to get my brushes wet again 🙂



I love china tea cups.. This one is a particular favorite, and it belonged to my grandmother. The ritual of an afternoon cuppa slows me down nicely.


I am loving these EDM (every day matters) challenges, even if I’m only getting to them very very irregularly 🙂 I am filling my sketchbook with all kinds of wonderful bits and pieces that I probably wouldn’t have thought of drawing before.

My faithful purse has served me well for a long time. It has been everywhere with me!