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44-2011 // war memorial

One of my architectural practice pieces for the trip…

I’m too excited to keep this a secret any longer!

I have been inspired by the beautiful Blurb books created by Liz Steel showcasing her urban sketches and adventures with Borrmini, that I am thinking that I will create a Blurb book of my own from my adventures in France later this year. I am more than a little excited 🙂

What is a Blurb book? It’s a book that is available for order and printed on demand just for you and then posted directly to you. Nifty system huh?

My French holiday sketchbook will contain all of the sketches I manage to capture while I’m travelling, and be combined with the odd photo here and there as well as excerpts from my written journals. I am so wound up about it that the anticipation is just about killing me 🙂 I may even include some of the lead up and preparation sketches and back story …. we’ll see.

Anyway…I’m telling you all now so that I can’t chicken out later 🙂 I would love to have it out in time for Christmas, but having a realistic look at my work schedule and art commissions on the list…it will probably be early next year.


Anna Easton

July 17, 2011 — Leave a comment

It’s been quite a while since I did a “proper” drawing. It was nice to slow down and work on this one over the last couple of months.

4 x 6″
Graphite on W&N Bristol Board

Anna Easton

I love Wonder Woman. There, I said it. I also love M&Ms, but my body doesn’t like the sugar…it’s evil. So I only indulge occasionally. And I always separate them into colours….and eat them in a set order… Crazy? Maybe 🙂
25-2011 // Wonder Woman fighting evil

I was doodling while I was on the phone and came up with this. It’s definitely the most interesting thing in my calendar 🙂

23-2011 // work doodle

Sitting in the car waiting while Shel had his drum lesson…I tried to journal, but the words didn’t want to come…but I found I could draw. So I grabbed a croquis and drew what I was planning to wear today. I wish I was shaped like the model 😉

24-2011 // planning what to wear

22-2011 // Edgars Inn with @eatshootblog

Quick scribble in my watercolour Moleskine to see how the paper behaves differently to the pages in the sketchbook Moleskines. I like the way it takes the colour! The think, rough paper really soaks up the colour. I had a rough time with he watercolour beading up on the sketchbook paper, so this lovely new experience of laying down the colour without having to “manhandle” it was wonderful!

21-2011 // Gertrude my 6-string baby

Did some scribbling in my journal this morning while I was waiting for something or other 🙂 I LOVE ampersands and typography in general…there’s something about these curly little guys that just captures my imagination and the way my brain works…always asking “and…….” 🙂

4-2011 // typo tattoo design


Update June 2011:

This is what my tattoo ended up looking like 🙂

For the past week I have been knocked flat by an eye infection. It completely took me by surprise. I woke up with a sore eye one morning and by the end of the day I was in bed, in the dark with an EXTREMELY painful eye. It stayed that way for several days, and is still in the process of healing.

Once the pain subsided a little I started getting a bit of cabin fever, so I helped myself to a little art therapy. I had to have the sore eye closed and there was very little light in the room (and lots of breaks), so it took absolutely forever to get this done, but the slow progress was almost meditative, so it had my brain occupied on something other than the sore eye.

33-2010 // Cornea infection

Xx-2010 // Spiritual power sermon sketchnotes

I love to draw and take notes during the talk at church. Drawing pictures that encapsulate the message helps me to recall the teaching points much better than if I just take text notes.

I started working on my latest portrait commission this week. It’s a portrait of three crusty old outback station men who are brothers. Their family differentiated them by the shape of their hats. This one is going to be a bit of a challenge since this is the only photo available of these guys and it doesn’t have a whole lot of detail. Another challenge is that the faces are small in the drawing, which always makes it much more difficult to define their features.
WIP #1 - The Uncles
This is me working away 🙂
Working away!