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What can I say…. I love pens!! This one is a dream to write and draw with 🙂


We just spent a week mountain biking and adventuring in New Zealand. It definitely wasn’t long enough and I definitely want to go back again…..but in the meantime I had a blast riding, adventuring and recording our adventures in my sketchbook. Take a peek…:)



Figuring out how my paints behave on the Moleskine watercolour paper is fun!!
53-2011 // choosing my palette

learning how to do maps and freehand lettering…
53-2011 // practicing maps and lettering

Crap photo…but practising buildings…
54-2011 // chateau practice

Sketches during worship this morning…
56-2011 // church today

57-2011 // foreign territory

Loving that I am making time to draw so much. 🙂

I am LOVING sketching with ink and watercolour! The results are so immediate and fun!  I think I could sit and do this all day long 🙂 Here are two that I did this week:
49-2011 // vintage van

50-2011 // my metal baby Jeff

44-2011 // war memorial

One of my architectural practice pieces for the trip…

I’m too excited to keep this a secret any longer!

I have been inspired by the beautiful Blurb books created by Liz Steel showcasing her urban sketches and adventures with Borrmini, that I am thinking that I will create a Blurb book of my own from my adventures in France later this year. I am more than a little excited 🙂

What is a Blurb book? It’s a book that is available for order and printed on demand just for you and then posted directly to you. Nifty system huh?

My French holiday sketchbook will contain all of the sketches I manage to capture while I’m travelling, and be combined with the odd photo here and there as well as excerpts from my written journals. I am so wound up about it that the anticipation is just about killing me 🙂 I may even include some of the lead up and preparation sketches and back story …. we’ll see.

Anyway…I’m telling you all now so that I can’t chicken out later 🙂 I would love to have it out in time for Christmas, but having a realistic look at my work schedule and art commissions on the list…it will probably be early next year.


I am thinking I’ll take a watercolour Moley to France later in the year as my travel journal, so I decided to do some experimenting today…here are the somewhat less than stellar results! Adapting to the new page shape is an undexpected challenge too!

38-2011 // testing a layout

39-2011 // Crumpler

40-2011 // another layout

I love spending lazy Sunday evenings with friends 🙂 What better way to celebrate than with a drawing 🙂

The colour behind the food was supposed to be “redder” I don’t like the way the sketchpaper in the Molekskines takes colour. Will almost definitely be taking a watercolour Moley to France later in the year.

37-2011 // Dinner at Chungs

Catching up

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Here are a couple of drawings from the last couple of weeks…

34-2011 // Tronoff visit

35-2011 // Who am I?

36-2011 // from my sick bed

22-2011 // Edgars Inn with @eatshootblog

My family and I have just returned from a camping holiday around Tasmania. This is my first attempt at capturing snippets of my holiday in my sketch journal. I enjoyed the process a lot, and learned that I really should take some lessons to learn to handle watercolours better.

The sketches reside in my beautiful red Moleskine 🙂 As always, click for a larger picture.

Tassie title page

Nowa nowa


Dirt nap

Spirit of tasmania

Arthur river kayaking

Tarkine forest adventure

Wallaby sausages


Strahan seaplane adventure

Mt Field National Park

My boys in a tree

Seaplane headset

Tahune Airwalk and swinging bridges

End of the Road