Friday Feedbag

The creative life is all about feeding one’s imagination with a wide variety of inputs – gathering inspiration, provoking thought, tickling one’s fancy – and then making connections between all these disparate little bites. Here’s a selection of what grabbed my attention this week, perhaps some of them will inspire you too.

20171222 - bumble bee

  • I found these bumble bee earrings via a random link on Instagram that I now cannot find….they make me happy when I wear them.
  • This two year old draws awesome skeletons!
  • I cannot begin to imagine how long this puzzle would take to do, but it is just gorgeous.


“Let us temper our criticism with kindness. None of us comes fully equipped.”

– Carl Sagan


This looks equal parts terrifying and fun!

I found this song via Susannah Conway’s blog…it’s a lovely cover of this one


  • I am in the midst of my yearly self-imposed hermitry as I recover from 2017 and prepare to launch into 2018. I found this post especially helpful as I try to refocus.
  • I really wish I was not allergic to cats.. they are funny!


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