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40-2010 // tree lamp post

Sometimes writing and drawing is the best therapy. I did these scribbles at lunch the other day to even out and move on after a rough morning at work. The act of concentrating and drawing meshes well with prayer and meditation.

The other week we took the boys out to dinner at our favourite Japanese restaurant in the city. While we weren’t looking they loaded an innocuous looking mushroom with wasabi and asked Al if he wanted it (because they don’t usually eat them, so this was quite normal). After a couple of mouthfuls a strange look came over Al’s face, but we kept talking and he didn’t say anything. After awhile the boys asked if the mushroom tasted funny…and the game was up 🙂  Al had been wondering where the wasabi taste was coming from, because he knew he hadn’t added any. It took ages for the laughter to subside 🙂
34-2010 // Shogun and hot mushrooms

Inspired by Paul over at the Soupablog I took half an hour to create a photographic microgallery. It was so much fun that I think I might make it a regular thing! Click on the photo to see the whole gallery over at Flickr.

14-2010 // lunch at Metro

Doodling while I listen to an audio book