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We just spent a week mountain biking and adventuring in New Zealand. It definitely wasn’t long enough and I definitely want to go back again…..but in the meantime I had a blast riding, adventuring and recording our adventures in my sketchbook. Take a peek…:)



I am thinking I’ll take a watercolour Moley to France later in the year as my travel journal, so I decided to do some experimenting today…here are the somewhat less than stellar results! Adapting to the new page shape is an undexpected challenge too!

38-2011 // testing a layout

39-2011 // Crumpler

40-2011 // another layout

My family and I have just returned from a camping holiday around Tasmania. This is my first attempt at capturing snippets of my holiday in my sketch journal. I enjoyed the process a lot, and learned that I really should take some lessons to learn to handle watercolours better.

The sketches reside in my beautiful red Moleskine 🙂 As always, click for a larger picture.

Tassie title page

Nowa nowa


Dirt nap

Spirit of tasmania

Arthur river kayaking

Tarkine forest adventure

Wallaby sausages


Strahan seaplane adventure

Mt Field National Park

My boys in a tree

Seaplane headset

Tahune Airwalk and swinging bridges

End of the Road

These two journal entries are from the day trip Al and I took a couple of weeks ago. I’m a bit slow getting things posted at the moment 🙁
41-2010 // knight's tower

42-2010 // waterfalls

I have come to the conclusion that I am in desperate need of some watercolour lessons 🙁 I created this muddy mess after a family outing yesterday. Ah well…gotta start somewhere I guess 🙂

37-2010 // Watercolour #FAIL