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a rainy day adventure

January 30, 2016 — Leave a comment

Canberra has been hit with some pretty wild weather this week… thunder and lightening (very very frightening …. yeah I know, sorry :S) accompanied by lots of rain. It’s generally unpleasant and not the right weather for adventuring with my geriatric fur baby nor being a gadabout on the scooter. So a dear friend, who understands just how stir crazy I can get at times, suggested that I go and wander around a museum or something and do some arty stuff. So I did. I trotted off to the National Museum of Australia to see what I could see. I hadn’t been there since my boys were little…and given that they are both in their late teens now…… it has been awhile.

Weapons of choice today were my sketchbook and a handful of graphite pencils. Most museums don’t allow wet media, and I couldn’t be bothered asking. To be frank, it has been a good long while since I did any purely pencil only sketching without the benefit of watercolour or ink, so I figured it would be good practice.

I had a blast…so many interesting things to see! I picked a few random small items to sketch along the way and plonked them all (none too poetically) on a spread in my sketchbook. I had a couple of challenges. The lack of seating anywhere near the exhibits that allowed me a decent view for any length of time was not especially helpful, and my feet got sore before too long. I didn’t feel I could plant my butt on the floor, there were too many people about (there were a couple of old cars that I would have loved to tackle). It was also very dimly lit, which I found distracting, but on the whole there was lots to see and sketch. I will likely go back and take another swipe…preferably on a day where I can have a go at the very interesting architecture that the institution has to offer.

Here’s my spread complete with spelling mistakes (you’d think I’d know better! gah!) :
20160130 - national museum of australia bits


One of the exhibits that made me smile, and feel very old, featured items from the old corner stores that I remember from my childhood in country Victoria. There was always a little (usually) continental man behind the refrigerated waist-high counter would lift the stainless steel lid to ladle out the milk for your milkshake from vats below the counter. The metal scoops, anodised aluminium cups and stripy paper straws. Ahhhh! Such nostalgia! This year I think I may take my scooter for a tour of small country towns in search of old-style cafe’s that still might have this kind of whimsy. I will likely find them in the same places that have the obligatory small-town Chinese restaurant that is decorated in exactly the same manner as the one in the next town along the highway.



Also, I am somewhat addicted to lovely smelling soaps, and I found this one at the gift shop on the way out. it smells DIVINE! Its ingredients look more like something that belong in a Thai dish…so if you know me, and I smell tangy and delicious and edible….don’t. 😛  It’s just my soap. I will bite back 🙂

All in all, an afternoon out that tickled many senses and chased away the feeling of having been inside for far too long….even if I was still inside………..


July 8, 2012 — Leave a comment

I finished this little realistic graphite piece last weekend. It felt good to be working with pencils again and taking time to do a  painstakingly detailed drawing. This one is on my favourite paper – Fabriano Artistico hot press….so smooth! It has just enough tooth to allow for some delicious dark tones.

This piece is now for sale in my Etsy store. Click the Picture to be taken there!

Anna Easton

July 17, 2011 — Leave a comment

It’s been quite a while since I did a “proper” drawing. It was nice to slow down and work on this one over the last couple of months.

4 x 6″
Graphite on W&N Bristol Board

Anna Easton

I was doodling while I was on the phone and came up with this. It’s definitely the most interesting thing in my calendar 🙂

23-2011 // work doodle

Sitting in the car waiting while Shel had his drum lesson…I tried to journal, but the words didn’t want to come…but I found I could draw. So I grabbed a croquis and drew what I was planning to wear today. I wish I was shaped like the model 😉

24-2011 // planning what to wear

Tibby, Harry and Herb are now finished and will be making their way to the client in the next day or so.
Uncles final - Tibby, Harry and Herb

WIP #2 // The Uncles

August 23, 2010 — Leave a comment

WIP #2 // the uncles

This portrait is coming along slowly…the small faces and poor reference photo are continuing to give me a bit of a headache, but it’s getting there!

I started working on my latest portrait commission this week. It’s a portrait of three crusty old outback station men who are brothers. Their family differentiated them by the shape of their hats. This one is going to be a bit of a challenge since this is the only photo available of these guys and it doesn’t have a whole lot of detail. Another challenge is that the faces are small in the drawing, which always makes it much more difficult to define their features.
WIP #1 - The Uncles
This is me working away 🙂
Working away!

The wonderful thing about school holidays is being able to finish off some projects! This one has been close for a couple of weeks now, but it’s finally finished. Here’s a low resolution shot of it.

Naomi Kate - Finished!

And here’s the portrait of Naomi Kate with the portrait I did of her big sister, Bethany Grace, a couple of years ago.
Naomi Kate framed and next to her sister!

I delivered the pics to the girls’ mum this afternoon, I LOVE that moment when they see the drawing (IRL) for the first time!

The thing I love about drawing siblings is seeing where the similarities l in their facial features. These two looked very similar when they were little babies, but at 8 months (as they both are in these pictures) you can see marked differences in their facial proportions and head shapes. They have the same nose though 🙂

My next challenge is at the opposite end of the spectrum of human life…three siblings who share a passion for different shaped hats to match their temperaments 🙂 Stay tuned!

WIP 6 // Naomi Kate

Clothing done! Now onto the stuffed toy…the only problem is that it has been a good couple of years since I’ve drawn fluffy stuff, and I’m not sure I can remember how I did it last time.

Worked some more on her hand and started on the side of her top.

WIP 5 // Naomi Kate