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September 14, 2013 — Leave a comment

I was dying to get some sketching in this week. I’ve been working on a graphite portrait and have been enjoying the tight detail and concentration it requires…but I got to the point where I really just wanted to scribble down something loose and fun. So I drew my lunch. The cafe staff always look at me a little strangely when they see my pull my lunch apart like this, but when they saw me start to draw it too…that was the last straw 🙂 Giggles all round!

23-2013 // deconstructed steak sandwich

I love spending lazy Sunday evenings with friends 🙂 What better way to celebrate than with a drawing 🙂

The colour behind the food was supposed to be “redder” I don’t like the way the sketchpaper in the Molekskines takes colour. Will almost definitely be taking a watercolour Moley to France later in the year.

37-2011 // Dinner at Chungs

Inspired by Paul over at the Soupablog I took half an hour to create a photographic microgallery. It was so much fun that I think I might make it a regular thing! Click on the photo to see the whole gallery over at Flickr.