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Catching up

July 17, 2011 — Leave a comment

Here are a couple of drawings from the last couple of weeks…

34-2011 // Tronoff visit

35-2011 // Who am I?

36-2011 // from my sick bed

31-2011 // dressing gown chic

I love Wonder Woman. There, I said it. I also love M&Ms, but my body doesn’t like the sugar…it’s evil. So I only indulge occasionally. And I always separate them into colours….and eat them in a set order… Crazy? Maybe 🙂
25-2011 // Wonder Woman fighting evil

I was doodling while I was on the phone and came up with this. It’s definitely the most interesting thing in my calendar 🙂

23-2011 // work doodle

Sitting in the car waiting while Shel had his drum lesson…I tried to journal, but the words didn’t want to come…but I found I could draw. So I grabbed a croquis and drew what I was planning to wear today. I wish I was shaped like the model 😉

24-2011 // planning what to wear

22-2011 // Edgars Inn with @eatshootblog

Quick scribble in my watercolour Moleskine to see how the paper behaves differently to the pages in the sketchbook Moleskines. I like the way it takes the colour! The think, rough paper really soaks up the colour. I had a rough time with he watercolour beading up on the sketchbook paper, so this lovely new experience of laying down the colour without having to “manhandle” it was wonderful!

21-2011 // Gertrude my 6-string baby

Did some scribbling in my journal this morning while I was waiting for something or other 🙂 I LOVE ampersands and typography in general…there’s something about these curly little guys that just captures my imagination and the way my brain works…always asking “and…….” 🙂

4-2011 // typo tattoo design


Update June 2011:

This is what my tattoo ended up looking like 🙂

I’m on holidays at the moment…you can tell I’m on holidays because I completely forgot to blog the first couple of drawings I did for the year 🙂 so here they are 🙂 I’m just about to head off for a trip to Tasmania and plan to do LOTS of sketching…so you can look forward to a flood of posts when I get back 🙂

01-2011 // 2011 approach to life

2-2011 // what's in my pencil case

3-2011// BBQ

40-2010 // tree lamp post

Sometimes writing and drawing is the best therapy. I did these scribbles at lunch the other day to even out and move on after a rough morning at work. The act of concentrating and drawing meshes well with prayer and meditation.

Each year I attend the Global Leadership Summit and take sketchnotes to help me remember the key points. This year I went for a sepia theme and used PITT artist pens. I added some watercolour during the week as I meditated on the notes and thought about how to apply what I learned. I didn’t do quite as many drawings this time around…instead I focussed more on typographic elements.

If you would like to see the set at your own pace you can see them here. I only just fit all of my notes in…the very last entry was done on the pocket at the back of my Moleskine 🙂 There is something insanely satisfying about filling an entire book with sketchnotes 🙂 (The first half of the book is filled with the sketchnotes from 2008)