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I went for a ride yesterday and met with fowl play (te hehehehe)
36-2010 // magpie madness

For the past week I have been knocked flat by an eye infection. It completely took me by surprise. I woke up with a sore eye one morning and by the end of the day I was in bed, in the dark with an EXTREMELY painful eye. It stayed that way for several days, and is still in the process of healing.

Once the pain subsided a little I started getting a bit of cabin fever, so I helped myself to a little art therapy. I had to have the sore eye closed and there was very little light in the room (and lots of breaks), so it took absolutely forever to get this done, but the slow progress was almost meditative, so it had my brain occupied on something other than the sore eye.

33-2010 // Cornea infection

Two friends enlarged their families this week…both had boys 🙂 The opportunity to make cards was too hard to resist. I LOVE drawing baby cards 🙂
Baby James
Levi lamby

18-2010 // mural ideas

I’m thinking about painting the back wall in the gym (aka garage) and creating a mural of some description. I’ve started the brainstorming process.

Update: since then Al has decided he wants a Bob Marley silhouette .

12-2010 // beautiful curves