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November 29, 2014 — Leave a comment

20141129 - st patricks

It’s time to decorate in readiness for the Christmas season, and because I was in need of a tree-topper, I took an afternoon trip out to the Bredbo Christmas BarnΒ  which is about an hour or so down the highway. I was lucky enough to get the last white star for the top of my tree… and a couple of other little things that made me smile.

On the way back I passed this little church and stopped briefly Β to capture it in my sketchbook. This is a very quick sketch and much looser than I normally do, I really enjoyed splashing paint around with abandon! Who said you have to colour in the lines?? πŸ™‚


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Each year I attend the Global Leadership Summit and take sketchnotes to help me remember the key points. This year I went for a sepia theme and used PITT artist pens. I added some watercolour during the week as I meditated on the notes and thought about how to apply what I learned. I didn’t do quite as many drawings this time around…instead I focussed more on typographic elements.

If you would like to see the set at your own pace you can see them here. I only just fit all of my notes in…the very last entry was done on the pocket at the back of my Moleskine πŸ™‚ There is something insanely satisfying about filling an entire book with sketchnotes πŸ™‚ (The first half of the book is filled with the sketchnotes from 2008)

Xx-2010 // Spiritual power sermon sketchnotes

I love to draw and take notes during the talk at church. Drawing pictures that encapsulate the message helps me to recall the teaching points much better than if I just take text notes.

Another in the weekly drawing series:
A card for a new addition to a friend’s family and a sketch of today’s preacher. I am still struggling to sketch people like this…must practice more!23-2010 // card and sketch

22-2010 // Sunday sketchnotes

Was intending to colour this, but haven’t even had time to erase the pencil sketches!

16-2010 // Nigerian woman worshipping with baby

I sat behind a gorgeous Nigerian family in church this morning. As pastor preached about the power of Christ’s resurrection, and as my pencil moved, I praised God for the power of the resurrection to bring unity in diversity. In the end every tribe and tongue and nation will come together to worship Jesus as we did this morning. I look forward to that day.

15-2010 // Easter message sketchnote style