Friday Feedbag

The creative life is all about feeding one’s imagination with a wide variety of inputs – gathering inspiration, provoking thought, tickling one’s fancy – and then making connections between all these disparate little bites. Here’s a selection of what grabbed my attention lately, perhaps some of them will inspire you too.

The Danish National Symphony Orchestra are SO GOOD! (if you are reading this via email, see the video HERE)

If you have time they also do the Star Wars Suite (an hour long) ..i f you dont have an hour, watch from the 53-minute mark for the best rendition of the Cantina song I’ve seen... everyone is having so much fun it is guaranteed to make you smile!

Looking for something to do with your old books?

These organic mandalas are just mesmerising.

How to be happier.

Robots will not be taking jobs from artists any time soon.

This is my favourite Instagram account at the moment… I really want to pat her dog! He looks like such a character.

Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.
– Edward de Bono

To finish off with a little more music… here’s a mashup for the ages. (if you are reading this via email, click HERE to see the video) If you have time … here they are in concert in Italy a couple of years ago. Astonishing talent!

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