Friday feedbag … on Saturday

Running just a little bit late this week because I got thoroughly sidetracked playing the new guitar The Viking sent me for Christmas/birthday. Isn’t she lovely? Her name is Nat and she plays like a dream — big mellow sound straight out of the box, I can only see her getting better with age. My calluses need to grow to accommodate the extra strings and added pressure…6-sting calluses are insufficient! Who’s The Viking I hear you ask? He’s my partner and a very private person who does not wish to rocket to fame and fortune *cough* on my blog, and as such shall remain nameless. 🙂


Playing music has been a big creative kick for me this week, but here are some of the other things that tickled my fancy from around the web this fortnight.

I could use a month in this cabin, completely disconnected, and filling my days with art, music and writing.

These anatomical drawings are luminescent! The coloured pencil hatching is super effective.

If you need a smile this weekend, this ought to do it. (if you are reading this via email, see the video here.)

The Canadians are so neat and tidy, even in their ice flows.

When I am afraid to speak is when I speak.
That is when it is most important.
― Nayyirah Waheed


The Japanese concept of Ikigai fascinates me … have you found your sweet spot in life yet?

I NEED this bath mat!!

Nature fights back in this series of photos.

An artist that inspires me … I will likely never ever play this well, but this is what a 12-string [edit: 11 string] can sound like in the hands of a guitarist with phenomenal skills!!!! (if you are reading this via email, see the video here)


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