Friday Feedbag

The creative life is all about feeding one’s imagination with a wide variety of inputs – gathering inspiration, provoking thought, tickling one’s fancy – and then making connections between all these disparate little bites. Here’s a selection of what grabbed my attention this fortnight, perhaps some of them will inspire you too.

A Lego arm – how clever!  (if reading via email, you can see the video HERE)


Have you ever wondered what an open mind might look like?

Rule of art: “Can’t” kills Creativity!
 – Camille Paglia

I want a kitchen windowsill lined with these one day!

I’m thinking these bathroom tiles might give me performance anxiety.

How to get yourself out of a funk. This is a handy list to have around.

These scenes make me smile … so amusing on so many levels.

It would be really trippy to sit in the middle of this installation

I love watching other people draw and paint, I learn so much! This is a favourite at the moment (if reading via email you can see the video HERE)

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