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Autumn has arrived along with its crisp sunny days, and chilly nights that are wonderful for sleeping. And I’m sitting here inside bundled up in a blanket on the couch suffering from a nasty throat thing that does not want to leave. 🙁  I am lethargic and blech…not even enough energy to draw. That’s miserable. So to cheer myself up I’ll tell you about what I did last weekend.

The National Arboretum is one of my absolute favourite places to go around town. You can wander through forests or sit in the cafe and sip a beer or you can do what I did.. trundle up to the top of the hill and look out over the Brindabella’s. I took myself up there on a whim last Sunday to see what I could sketch. Problem was though that I wasn’t particularly prepared .. no hat and no sunscreen. I set out the rug and my gear and sat down to take in the view and before long I could feel the sting of the sun on the back of my neck. Bother. I really should keep a hat in the car for these little spur of the moment jaunts.

Suffice it to say that I really didn’t want to have a scorched neck, so my sketch session lasted all of about 10-15 minutes before I poked myself with a fork and declared myself done.

This was my view from the top of Dairy Farmers Hill. Beautiful isn’t it?

I’m not especially happy with my sketch. I attempted to slap the paint on over a very light, quick pencil sketch and decided against an ink line drawing for the sake of saving time. It looks flat … lacking in depth and interest to me. Actually it could almost be an abstract depiction rather than a landscape sketch. More practise is required! But then, that’s what a sketchbook is for … the good the bad and the ugly of refining skills.

20150228 - dairy farmers hill

Do you keep a sketchbook? I have my regular watercolour ones that are probably more of a journal than a proper sketchbook, and I have just started carrying around a little pocket sized cahier for the sole purpose of practising quick sketches of people when I am out and about. I hope to see my skills grow as I fill these little books. How do you hone your skills?


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