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Last week I wrote about having a rotten case of artist’s block, and I’ve been thinking over it this week. If Steve Jobs was correct when he said that creativity is about connecting dots, then perhaps I am in a phase where I am collecting the dots to be able to join them up later.

My intake activities have been all consuming these past couple of months. I’ve been reading a lot of books … everything from biographies to novels to brain chemistry texts. I’ve been travelling and visiting new places. I’ve made new friends and experienced new things. I’ve been spending lots of time in nature. I’ve been watching TED talks and seeking out new information to feed my brain and my inner child who is waiting patiently until it’s time to create freely again.

I seem to be in a phase of collecting dots … random pieces of seemingly disparate information … I wonder what sort of picture I’ll end up with when it’s time to start connecting them all up?

How do you fuel your creativity? How do you gather the raw mental materials that light your creative fire?

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