38-2010 // spare change and the freezer

Quick one from last night …. while I was waiting for my defrosted food to cook. 😛
38-2010 // spare change & the freezer

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2 thoughts on “38-2010 // spare change and the freezer”

  1. Oh dear.

    When I was about 17 the family freezer door was left open (it was in the garage) – soon after we had bought a side of beef. That’s half a cow starting to defrost! We were a family of six and the freezer was full-sized. We spent the whole weekend cooking everything that had any sign of defrosting and then refreezing it. My job was to cook up all the hamburger (mince) meat. Ugh. To this day I don’t like the smell of mince cooking.

  2. oh no! That really is a lot of beef to get rid of! I can understand why you don’t like the smell of mince!

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