New Art Nook

This week I moved all of my coloured pencils and watercolours and pastels etc over to my antique roll top desk that sits in the corner of my bedroom. Previously it had been a collecting place for all manner of crap and looked messy and depressing. Now it’s an inviting, restful space where I can write and create! I love it!

I inherited the desk from my paternal grandfather a few years ago and it has the most glorious array of little drawers and spaces in it!It’s about 150 years old and was made in Ohio in the US. I tracked down the company that made it and even chatted via email with the great grand-nephew of the man who made it…but that’s a story for another time 🙂

Here are some photos…I used some funky film and lens combination on the Hipstamatic iPhone app and they look old and blurry! I’ll post some “clean shots” on Flickr later.
Antique Dornette Brothers oak rolltop desk
Art space
Nooks and Crannies
Graphitint, CPs and Copics
Me! When I was 2
Knick Knacks
Microns and Pigment liners

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